SyberSonic Gazelle CD Jukebox

This is a recreation of a collector’s dream. The rarest of jukebox wonders was the elegant wartime machine, of which only a few hundred were made.

The Gazelle features art deco fawns playing the Pipes of Pan above and two leaping gazelles etched in mirrored glass panels below. The Gazelles are brilliantly illuminated with ever changing colors.

With all the craftsmanship of a classic, the front door is finished in satinwood and burled elm. The top crown, shoulders, pilaster supports and even the base are carved out of hardwoods, walnut and alder.

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Standard Features

  • New Advanced SyberSonic System
  • 11 Mhz Intel® processor with 2MB of memory
  • 360 Watts RMS Dual Amplifier with Surround Sound
  • Infra-Red Volume Control plus removable Volume Control
  • Volume Control Bridging options
  • 32 Character LCD Display with custom message capability
  • Menu Driven Programming (no codes to remember)
  • Self diagnostic and self test utilities are built in
  • International Power Supply
  • Laser test utility
  • Automatic Disc Changing
  • Full Audit and Popularity Totals
  • Multiple Languages Built-in

Available Options

  • 2-Way Data System provides instant access to all audit and popularity data. Also allows the jukebox to automatically notify you in the event of a malfunction. You may also remotely access and set many of the SyberSonic’s programming options.
  • Infra-red Printer Kit gives you a printed report of all audits, popularity data and setup information. You choose which reports you want.
  • Paging Microphone Kit
  • Mechanical Cash Counter connects to computer for the purpose of providing a secondary accounting method.
  • Deluxe infra-red volume control allows remote selections and other special features.


  • 100 CD capacity magazine
  • Dual Amplifier with Surround Sound and dual equalizers
  • 360 Watts RMS Power (810 Watts Music Power)
  • 5 Speaker, dual 3-way system for “live” performance reproduction
  • Phillips compact disc player with automatic disc mapping and self-adjusting laser
  • Electrical: 90 – 250 Volts (50/60 Hz)
  • Dimensions: 60″ H x 33″ W x 27″ D
  • Weight: approx. 300 Lbs.


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