35 Amp Bridge


35 Amp 1000volt AC to DC bridge


Nice aluminum 35 Amp 1000 Volt Rectifier.  This can be soldered to or accept spade terminals.

Many jukeboxes used various types of rectifiers.  Most of the time these were not full bridges but shown as two diodes.  If you have weak Mechanism voltage you should consider upgrading to a new bridge. Often these “leak” voltage and cause things to move slow.  As a safety precaution its a good idea to replace.  If you only have three connections just don’t hook up the negative terminal.

It’s advices to put an inline fuse of 2A Slow Blow when changing older rectifiers to this style.  This fuse needs to be between one of the AC lines form the transformer to protect the transformer.

These work real well in AMI’s which are Negative chassis, don’t use the “+” side. And also Seeburg’s which in general are Positive chassis, don’t use the “-” side.  Check your schematics to verify before any hookup.

Part Number 86-7020


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