The J.P. Seeburg Corporation was founded in 1902 by Justus P. Seeburg in Chicago, IL. Initially the company focused on manufacturing and selling pianos, orchestrions, and other mechanical musical instruments. In the late 1920s, Seeburg recognized the growing demand for coin-operated music machines and shifted its focus to jukeboxes. They introduce their first commercial jukebox in 1927. Seeburg was known for its innovative approach to jukebox design and technology.

In 1949 Seeburg introduced the revolutionary Select-O-Matic mechanism. Capable of 100 selections 50 78rpm records played both A and B side. It is rumored they had worked on perfecting this mechanism for 10 years. In 1950 The first commercial jukebox to play exclusively 7 inch 45’s was released with the Select-O-Matic mechanism. This mechanism remained the base of Seeburg jukeboxes for the remainer of their production. The company ceased jukebox production in the late 1970s, but continued to operate in other industries.

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