The Rock-Ola Manufacturing Corporation was founded by David C. Rockola in 1927. He added a hyphen to the company name because of people miss pronouncing his name. They produced many different coin op machine; penny scales, pinballs, target games, and of course jukeboxes in 1934.

The early jukeboxes were plain like other manufacturers until 1939 “Luxury light-up” featuring beautiful colored catalin plastic. In this era Rock-Ola featured many color combinations. Another interesting note until after the war the mechanism was either completely or almost not visible. They also produced their most collectible jukeboxes the tone column jukeboxes. Victory glass is always interested in parts or whole restoration tone column products.

Rock-Ola continues popularity after the wat with the introduction of a new style mechanism in 1952 that featured a basket rather than a stack. Variation of this mech followed through the rest of production. They continued to produce Record and CD jukeboxes up until 1989. In 1992 Rock-Ola was sold to Antique Apparatus. They renamed the company to Rock-Ola and continue to make CD and Record jukeboxes and accessories to this day.

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