The Automatic Musical Instruments Company, commonly known as AMI, was a prominent manufacturer of jukeboxes and other coin-operated machines. AMI was founded in 1909 in Grand Rapids. It initially focused on manufacturing coin-operated machines, including player pianos and orchestrions. In the 1920s, AMI transitioned into producing jukeboxes, taking advantage of the growing popularity of recorded music, and releasing its first jukebox in 1927. This jukebox, AMI National Automatic Selection Phonograph, played both sides of 10 records for 20 selections.

In the 50’s AMI licensed their designs and mechanisms to several European companies, BAL-AMI being one of the most commonly known brands. In 1959 AMI was acquired by the Rowe Manufacturing Company, leading to the formation of Rowe/AMI. The last solely branded AMI jukebox was the iconic Continental 2, known for its futuristic look. In 1963 they were branded Rowe/AMI. In 2007 Rowe was acquired by Merit Entertainment, Who produces TouchTunes digital jukeboxes with the AMI Entertainment network.

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