The Rudolph WurliTzer Company, known for is production of jukeboxes, was established in 1856 by German immigrant Rudolph Wurlitzer in Cincinnati, OH. Initially the company focused on manufacturing musical instruments, including pianos and organs. In 1933 they purchased the Simplex Mechanism from Homer Capehart and began producing coin-operated phonographs. Wurlitzer became known for is innovative designs and aesthetics in jukebox manufacturing. They introduced various advancements, including illuminated bubble tubes, rotating color cylinders, changing color lighting effects, and intricate chrome and art deco designs.

The ”golden era” of jukeboxes are dominated by Paul Fuller design Wurlitzer jukeboxes. Model 1015 of 1946-47 being the most iconic jukebox of all time. Wurlitzer continued in popularity and remain some of the most collectible jukeboxes. They continued to produce Jukeboxes in the US through 1974. Including an interesting cassette tape playing jukebox.

“Deutshe Wurlitzer” affiliate founded in 1960 continued to produce jukeboxes under the Wurlitzer name.

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