AMI F and G Line Cord With Twist Lock and 90 Degree Molded End

7 foot Black line cord with 90 degree molded end and white twist lock connector.  Ground wire and pin not used.


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7 foot heavy duty 1.25mm or 17  gauge 3 wire black line cord.  Molded 90 degree end on one side and twist lock connector in black on the other end.  We located connectors that match original fit, shorter to allow the box to be slid up to the wall.

NOTE: Plug end does have 3 prongs and cable is three conductor, BUT the ground wire is not hooked up to the plug.  The original setup does not have provisions for ground.

Check to make sure your power entry has not had the original socket removed or damaged.

Safety Warning with these boxes.  Even though they turn off with a switch the selection circuits and selection power is still live.  Either modify the power entry box to shut off ALL power or unplug from wall.  Tech article will be coming soon on this.

Part Number 86-7010

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