AMI G Light Diffuser

AMi G-80 and G-120 upper light diffuser. 40-7303


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AMI G Light upper light diffuser. This fits both the G-80 and G-120. This is a soft fabric material that rests on the 2 metal guides going from the sides of the cabinet. This will only fit the G, it can only be used in a F if you find and install the rails from a G. The G-200 has a completely different diffuser.
To install, try not to bend the material in the middle. if it binds on the rail you may have to remove some material by folding it up and cutting straight down with a real sharp utility knife. These are cut to size as determined by our original G jukeboxes, but some variance is possible with production. Next holding one side stretch it so that it relaxes open and when placed on a table remains wider than your jukebox. Lastly position it on the rails, you do not need to fix the ends as it should be stretched and float freely on the rails. If it bounces in , remove and stretch more.

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