AMI Solid State Amplifier AMI-SSA-2


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Model AMI-SSA2 for Mono AMI models F,G,H,I,J.

Update your classic AMI jukebox to the latest technology without sacrificing what makes these classic machines so special and fun to watch! Your AMI jukebox will have better reliability, sound quality, and functionality than ever before. Our solid state amplifiers breathe new life into your classic machine with an all-solid-state design, which not only provides more reliable service but also much improved sound quality with the factory speakers! Our FREE app, JukeTalk, is included for Android and Apple iOS devices, which allows you to remotely control your jukebox from your phone or tablet. Bluetooth audio streaming allows you to play any music service through your jukebox while the mechanism is idle. If a selection is made on the mechanism, the amplifier automatically switches to the phonograph, and then back to Bluetooth when no selections remain.

End-user installable! Full color instructions included!

– Installs in Minutes with ZERO Modifications to your Jukebox. Simple Plug-and-Play Installation!

– No Need to Rebuild your old Tube Amplifier! Simply Put it on the Shelf in case you Ever Wanted to Return your Machine to Tube Operation.

– Stream Bluetooth Audio from any Tablet, Smartphone, or Laptop.

– Original mechanism records operation still function as before. Bluetooth still works even if original mech is non-functional.

– Dramatically Improved Sound Quality with Enhanced Bass and Treble.

– FREE JukeTalk App Provides Wireless Remote Control of Power, Volume, Reject, and Mute from your Android or iOS Phone or Tablet.

– Make Selections on your Jukebox from the JukeTalk App! (Working Stepper, Stepper Transformer, and hookup wire Required)

– Wired Remote Control Included. No More Moving your Machine Away from the Wall to Adjust Volume, Reject Records, or Control Power!

– Auxiliary Input to Connect an External Source, Such as a CD Player or Alexa.

– Auxiliary Output to Connect your Jukebox to an External Amplifier, Powered Subwoofer, or In-Home Audio System!

– Powder coated steel chassis.


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