Atari Coin Door Credit Window – “One Play”

Atari Coin Door Credit Window – “One Play”

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Atari Coin Door Credit window, “one Play 25c”, the correct design for Atari coin doors, Kee was different.  This is printed on back of thick plexy to fit original 1970s Atari/Kee coin doors.  These doors are identifiable by being a tall black steel door and a single window in the center, often this window is missing, destroyed or scratched.  This is held in with original 6-32 screws – not included.  Two screws on each side are tightened to clamp window forward in place.

Very nice back printed reproduction. Packed with protective film on both the front and the back.

Also check out our Kee credit windows for the same doors known as double arrow 79-7015.

Part Number 79-7014

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