Seeburg 350 Replacement Cartridge for Mono Seeburg Jukeboxes – Needles Included

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Tube Amp Booster
Make a selection below if you have a tube amplifier and not a Victory Glass solid state amp. NOTE: For M100B (with MRA1-L6 amp) and 101/161/201 (with HFMA2-L6 amp) models, you MUST choose the Externally Powered (AC Adapter) Option.

Another Victory Glass Exclusive! Seeburg replacement cartridge model “350” for Seeburg mono jukebox models B, C, G, W, R, J, V200, VL200, KD/KS, L100, 101, 161, and 201.

This is a brand new stereo-compatible cartridge for your classic Seeburg jukebox. We have performed extensive testing to achieve incredible sound quality with either your original tube amplifier, or our solid-state “JukeTalk”-equipped replacement amplifiers.

This cartridge was developed specifically to address the fact that quality stereo-compatible (“cantilever” style) needles for the “Mono Redhead” cartridge are no longer available.

Includes new quality yellow “wedge” needles that have been tested and proven to provide OEM-quality sound. You will not be disappointed!

For machines equipped with the original tube amplifier, a new “350 Booster” amplifier is available to bring the most out of your tube amplifier. You will be amazed how well your tube amplifier will perform with this combination. You have two options with the Booster amp, either externally powered with a power adapter that plugs into the open 110 volt socket inside your machine, or with cable that plugs into the unneeded AVC tube socket. Most people remove the 6SK7 AVC tube to disable this feature, however if you still are using it you will need external AC adapter. Seeburg models M100B and 101/161/201 do not use a 6SK7 tube, and therefore you must choose the externally powered / AC adapter option.

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