Seeburg 352 Replacement Cartridge for early Stereo Seeburg Jukeboxes – Needles Included

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Mono Tube Amp Booster
If you are purchasing the 352 stereo cartridge to use in a mono Seeburg that was converted to use an earlier stereo tone arm, you will need a booster if you still have the tube amplifier. Select either powered through Tube socket or external AC socket if you have a tube amplifier and not a Victory Glass solid state amp.

Another Victory Glass Exclusive! Seeburg replacement cartridge model “352” for Seeburg Stereo jukebox models 222, 220, AY, DS, Q, LPC1 /LPC480, U100, APFEA1 and PFEA1U (models that originally used the first-generation Seeburg Stereo “T-Needle” cartridge.

This is a brand new stereo cartridge for your classic Seeburg jukebox. We have performed extensive testing to achieve incredible sound quality with either your original tube amplifier, or our solid-state “JukeTalk”-equipped replacement amplifiers.

This cartridge was developed specifically to address the fact that quality “T-Needles” for the original stereo cartridge are no longer available.

Includes new quality yellow “wedge” needles that have been tested and proven to provide OEM-quality sound. You will not be disapppointed!

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