Seeburg Booster Amp for Mono Tube Amplifiers – Powered from 6SK7 Socket

This is the correct booster amp for Seeburg models C, G, W, R, J, and V/VL. If you want to retain use of your AVC in older mono tube amps please purchase booster with external power supply. Not required for Jukeboxes equipped with Victory Glass Solid State Amps.


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Seeburg booster amplifier for use with mono tube amplifiers. Greatly improves the sound if your jukebox is equipped with a Pickering 340 or early Victory Glass 350 cartridges with a separate 4-to-2 pin adapter. Will also increase the output of low-volume needles in “Redhead” and “Blackhead” cartridges.

In machines equipped with the original tube amplifier, this new “Booster” amplifier is used to bring the most out of your tube amplifier! In addition to more gain, this booster will also allow for more bass due to the “roll-off” being less active in the volume control (your bass and treble controls can still be adjusted to your preference).

The booster attaches to your tube amplifier magnetically, and is powered by an included tail that connects to your amplifier’s 6SK7 socket. Simply connect the power, input and output, and adjust the gain using the included micro screwdriver.

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