Seeburg Early Models Free Play Adapter

Latch solenoid protection and Free Play Adapter unit for Seeburg early model jukeboxes


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These units have unique to Victory Glass circuitry that will not allow a button to stay locked in for 20 seconds and therefore not burning up the latch solenoid. These solenoids are not reproduced and can cost more than this unit. This Allows both Freeplay and Coin operation. If your Credit unit is acting up consider a complete replacement we have available that gives the same latch protective features. Don’t settle for imitations with just hot wired boxes, this is the real deal as produced for decades by DJ Systems now part of Victory Glass.
Latch solenoid protector boxes ( free play ) for Seeburg Models A-B-BL-C-G-W-J-JL, R, M100A through 100J/JL. This is an external unit that plugs into WORKING credit unit.

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