Seeburg LPC1 480 Tormat Free Play Pricing Unit

Free Play Adapter pricing unit for Seeburg LPC1 or 480 jukeboxes.


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In stock (can be backordered)

Pricing unit replacement for the Seeburg LPC1 or 480 made by Vern exclusively for Victory Glass.  This completely replaces the former pricing unit, and will only allow free play use of the jukebox.  Uses original Amp-Loc plugs for no modification of your box wiring. This is an external unit that plugs in and replaces the credit unit.

NOTE: We will pay a bounty of $7 for your old 9 pin plugs off your pricing unit with pins and at least 1 inch of wire.  Contact Sales with pictures for more information.  We are interested in stock of other Amp-Loc plugs and terminals, reach out for details.

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