Seeburg Red Box and MCU Systems Operation and Troubleshooting Guide

Seeburg repair manual on Red Box and MCU systems as used in many of the 1970’s models. Operation and Trouble Shooting Guide. By Anthony Miller, 212 pages


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This books covers two different selection systems, those used in the 100-77D and 10078D machines (the Red Box) and the MCU system, used in the SMC1, 2, 3, and 100-79M models.

Who better to write this book? I designed the Red box system, and was also responsible for the redesign of the CPU board for the MCU system. How each design came to be (its design history) is here.

The book starts out with a section discussing the various schematic symbols used throughout the text, then jumps right into the Red box Credit and Selection systems, including troubleshooting tips, and a foldout complete schematic of the red box at the back.

The rest of the book is devoted to the MCU system. I redesigned the CPU board to make it easier to manufacture, incorporate bug fixes, and had to make several circuit changes to get everything to fit. The book gives complete explanations of how both versions of the circuits work, along with detailed descriptions of the mechanism control circuitry, easily the most complex and problematic of any Seeburg implemented. Plus mechanism switch adjustment and system troubleshooting tips!

There’s also a section on connecting a Consolette to either system, including descriptions of the two remote translators used.

For troubleshooting, I’ve included timing diagrams with cause/effect arrows to speed up tracking down problems, and a complete semiconductor cross-reference list for both systems, worth the price of the book alone!

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