Seeburg Sequencer 5BS1 Chassis with Replacement Board

Seeburg 5BS1 5-Bit Sequencer Upgrade board in an original chassis. Brand new design using all modern-day components.


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If your Sequencer is missing or your not comfortable with performing a swap, we have a small amount of original sequencers we will install the new electronics in. The chassis are as found condition. This listing is for the board described below installed in the chassis as pictured.

Seeburg 5BS1 5-Bit Sequencer Upgrade board. Brand new design using all modern-day components, which mounts in the existing metal chassis. Replaces all original, troublesome components. For the Seeburg STD2, STD3, and STD4.  If your original light sequencer runs intermittently or not at all, this board is the answer for you.  Comes with full color 4 page install instructions.

No original components on the chassis are used, but they may be left in place for aesthetics.

Chase speed is adjustable, and pattern is selectable (original or inverted).

Also consider grabbing some new light bulbs part 49-3709

The metal cover is pictured is included with this board. The board also available separately.

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